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emacspeak without tcl8.4

That's the situation in archlinux which has a unique upgrade policy.  The 
policy is that rolling upgrades take place.  There's no freezing or 
different versions like with Debian and for now archlinux left tcl8.4 in 
favor of tcl8.5.  If this is an impossible build environment, for as long 
as the necessary files from tcl8.4 remain available for download on the 
internet it may be useful for the emacspeak project to have the links to 
them documented.  While emacspeak was installed on this system, it and 
espeak and eflite were all in the /usr/bin directory and I had echo 
$DTK_PROGRAM returning either eflite or espeak once .profile was modified 
correctly and echo $EMACSPEAK_DIR returned /usr/bin.  Even with these 
conditions, and with the understanding that talking arch uses espeak to 
talk in the first place running emacspeak only got me a process speaker 
not running message after which I had to issue the three finger salute to 
exit the environment.  For now, emacspeak is in unsupported status on 
archlinux and if it gets enough votes and an adopter it could move into a 
supported status.

Jude <jdashiel-at-shellworld-dot-net>

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