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Re: Making Emacspeak work with viper and/or evil modes

Kerneels Roos <kerneels@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> It seems that the `viper' and more recent `evil' modes, adding
> vi-style movement and behaviour to emacs doesn't work with
> emacspeak. The cursor would move around but nothing gets spoken.
> Does this mean the events that fire off speech is hooked in at a
> level higher than where viper hooks in the vi-style key bindings?
> How difficult would it be to get it working properly?

I haven't looked, but I'm sure they implement their own Lisp functions in
order to emulate Vi, and you could write advice functions for Emacspeak to
provide appropriate spoken feedback when those functions are called.

You'll need to know Emacs Lisp first. There's a tutorial and a reference
manual as Info documentation, and there are good Lisp programming books
available online.

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