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Re: typescript after make emacspeak

Hello list,

I havve the emacspeak outloud and espeak servers working with Arch
linux.  I set this up some time ago and didn't make notes as to how I
did it, but this is what I appear to have installed: 

TCL8.5 from the extra repository 
tclx8.4 from the AUR 

The only relevant environment variable set is EMACSPEAK_DIR; I run
emacspeak from my home directory 
I set the TCL_VERSION in the linux-outloud and linux-espeak makefiles
to 8.5

Maybe it shouldn't work with the above settings, but it has done
without problems for a couple of years now.



Tim Cross writes:
 > Unfortunately, I think it is happening because you haven't got the
 > necessary dev packages installed. You cannot build the server without
 > the tcl and tclx dev packages. If Arch Linux only has 8.5, you will
 > need to install the dev packages for that version. You may then need
 > to modify the Makefile to indicate you are using the 8.5 version. I
 > don't know how arch linux manages this, so can't provide specific
 > directions. However, as others are running this under arch, we at
 > least know it does work. Perhaps someone who already has it working
 > can give more specific directions.
 > Tim

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