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org-drill and emacspeak

Hi everyone,

Has anyone ever tried to get org-drill to work with emacspeak?

Without any advice it appears to work not well at all.  I've had a quick
look at the code and am not sure exactly where to start advising.

I'm guessing that the best way to speech enable it is to have emacspeak
read the card before org-drill prompts you for how well you recalled it.

>From what I can tell you are first shown part of the card, then you hit
a key and the rest is revealed.  You then score how well you did.

Just wondering if there is any interest in getting this working with
emacspeak and/if anyone has suggestions on how to go abou tit?

I paste an excerpt from the readme for some background.

Org-Drill is an extension for [[http://orgmode.org/][Org mode]]. Org-Drill uses a [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spaced_repetition][spaced repetition]]
algorithm to conduct interactive "drill sessions", using org files as sources
of facts to be memorised. Each topic is treated as a "flash card". The material
to be remembered is presented to the student in random order. The student rates
his or her recall of each item, and this information is used to schedule the
item for later revision.

Each drill session can be restricted to topics in the current buffer
(default), one or several files, all agenda files, or a subtree. A single
topic can also be drilled.

Different "topic types" can be defined, which present their information to the
student in different ways.

For more on the spaced repetition algorithm, and examples of other programs
that use it, see:
- [[http://supermemo.com/index.htm][SuperMemo]] (see descriptions of the SM2, SM5 and SM8 algorithms)
- [[http://ichi2.net/anki/][Anki]]
- [[http://mnemosyne-proj.org/index.php][Mnemosyne]]

Org-Drill comes bundled with Org mode, in the "contrib" directory. Org-Drill
also has its own repository, which is updated more regularly than the bundled
version. The repository is at:




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