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Query about defining new voices

Look at the advice in emacspeak-ansi-color

>>>>> "Bart" == Bart Bunting <bart@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
    Bart> Hi all, I've been playing around with defining new
    Bart> voices in emacspeak and trying to get my head around
    Bart> how things work.
    Bart> Partly this has been an exercise in getting better
    Bart> voiceification with the mac speech server and also
    Bart> trying to get voiceification working with the notmuch
    Bart> mail client.
    Bart> I am making reasonable progress with both of
    Bart> these. Setting up the notmuch voice mapping was made
    Bart> easy once i found voice-setup-add-map.
    Bart> I have a question though. There is a program I use at
    Bart> work in shell mode. It gives some of it's information
    Bart> by colour changes in the text. When I show the output
    Bart> in shell modes, the colours show up and
    Bart> emacspeak-show-personality-at-point reports the font
    Bart> colour.
    Bart> Is it possible to define voices based on font colours?
    Bart> The output from emacspeak-show-personality-at-point
    Bart> looks like: Personality (emacspeak-bold-voice) Face nil
    Bart> (((foreground-color . green) bold)) Personality
    Bart> (emacspeak-bold-voice) Face nil ((bold
    Bart> (foreground-color . red) (background-color . black)))
    Bart> Kind regards
    Bart> Bart
    Bart> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Best Regards,

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