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Question about epub support

It's only been tested in w3m -- would be harder to do with
w3m. Look at the code in emacspeak-epub.el where I define a
custom url executor -- it's a pattern that is also used in the
BBC  iplayer code in emacspeak-url-template.el. Basically, the
custom handler parses out the components of the fake url,
extracts the right piece from the zip archive and renders it -- I
suspect you can make w3m do the same with a bit of work.

>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Cross <theophilusx@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
    Tim> Hi Raman, I've been trying to get the new epub support
    Tim> in emacspeak to work, but am failing. Is this supposed
    Tim> to work with w3m or only w3?
    Tim> The problem appears to be due to a missing base element
    Tim> in the TOC files. However, this is not an area I'm
    Tim> overly familiar with.
    Tim> When I run C-e g, I get a list of the epub files in my
    Tim> ~/epubs directory. All looks good. List consists of the
    Tim> author and title. When I select one of the files, I get
    Tim> a buffer with the table of contents. All looking good.
    Tim> However, when I attempt to follow one of the links, I
    Tim> get an error from w3m stating it cannot follow the url
    Tim> as the file does not exist. The file being looked for is
    Tim> specified as being relative to the tmp directory, which
    Tim> is where the generated toc file has been put. This
    Tim> appears to be the problem as I suspect, the file should
    Tim> be relative to the epub archive, not the tmp directory
    Tim> or an earlier process should have extracted the html
    Tim> files into the pub directory. However, I'm not certain
    Tim> about this as there seems to be other code which
    Tim> extracts the html files into a scratch buffer and then
    Tim> tries to use
    Tim> Looking at the xsl file epub-toc.xsl, it appears there
    Tim> is an expect entity called base, but the toc.ncx files
    Tim> don't have such an entity. There is a "failed to load
    Tim> external entity "nil" in the xslt-errors buffer.
    Tim> Before spending more time debugging this, I just wanted
    Tim> to verify it should work with w3m and maybe get some
    Tim> clarification of how the generated toc html file was
    Tim> supposed to represent the urls for the contents . It
    Tim> seems that perhaps they need to be extracted into the
    Tim> /tmp directory so that the links in the toc file will
    Tim> work.
    Tim> Tim
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Best Regards,

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