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Re: multi-level undo & mode line questionns

Les Smithson <lsmithso@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> How do I submit a emacspeak bug? Is it through Sourceforge? I'm
> logged in, but I can't find a submit button on the bug page. Could
> someone please send me a link?

Mentioning it on the mailing list is sufficient.
> I specificaly meant the buffer modified  status displayed as [*] on
> the mode line. Is there a way to get C-e m to speak its status?

If there is not, I wouldn't call it a bug, but a feature request.

I've been using Emacspeak for a long time, and the number of actual bugs ever
found in it by users is close to zero. This includes "development" revisions
from svn as well as released versions. I think T.V. Raman should be nominated
for the "writing correct code award", if there is one.

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