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Emacspeak in Arch Linux

Hello Everyone,

Frustrated by Debian Rules which don't allow Firefox and Thunderbird because of their logos being copyrighted,, I decided to try Arch Linux.

Mind you I had found a work around with installing Firefox and Thunderbird, but I have heard that the latest GNOME Desktop offers excellent accessibility, I went ahead with installing Arch.

GNOME came up nicely - except gdm has a bug but I found a work around.  ORCA doesn't work, and I wanted to see if there was an easy way with Arch's install system to install the current emacspeak from subversion.

What a disappointment.  I think I might try Linux From Scratch after this.

What ARCH does have is is a choice - when you ask to install gnome, it tells you the programs that come with it and it gives you a choice.  I like this.  I don't want some of the standard GNOME programs because they have poor accessibility.

I guess I will bite the bullet if anyone doesn't have any ideas for suggestions on installing emacspeak in Arch.  So far it doesn't work while DEBIAN works perfectly.

I guess the solution to Debian's not using Firefox and Thunderbird is to use source and compile them myself. :0)

Any suggestions?
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