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RE: Handling data flow diagrams and system flow charts

Found a proof of concept.  Somebody used GraphViz in a Project Management setting on this post:


Alex M

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Graphviz is what I've used when in this situation. In fact, it is one of the easiest ways to generate diagrams I've ever used. Essentially, you use the graphiz 'grammar' to specify the nodes and arcs of your diagram and leave it to graphiz to do the layout. In most cases, it does a very good job. You can specify different node shapes and different styles of arc such as directed, bi-directional etc. There is a mode for emacs, though I never really used it. There are also a number of different latex packages to incorporate graphviz into latex docs, though I usually just generate an image and use one of the latex packages for putting an image into a document rather than gemnerate actual TeX to insert into your document.


Daniel Dalton writes:
 > On Fri, Feb 08, 2013 at 09:37:16AM -0600, Alex Midence wrote:
 > > I've heard that some people use Gnu Plot for this sort of thing.  You might  >  > I'll certainly investigate it. 
 > With gnuplot you can get text output ascii so it is very accessible to  > review the diagram with a Braille display. 
 > However, I think gnuplot is more for plotting points and sketching  > functions on a graph, Which probably won't work for my project  > management diagrams. 
 > > also look into graphviz.  From what I can make out, Graphviz does for  > > graphics and diagrams what LaTEx does for text & formatting.
 > That's a good one! I'll check it out. 
 > Thanks,
 > Dan
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