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Re: Emacspeak 37 Fails to Build on ArchLinux

Steve Holmes writes:
 > Still looking for how to fix the info target to build correctly
 > though.  I could mess around with the texinfo pages and see if I can
 > correct the errors myself and provide a patch or something but I know
 > little about texinfo let alone track down someone else's text bugs.

Sounds like an excellent learning opportunity for you there Steve :-)

Seriously though, from your explination, I suspect the problem is quite trivial
and won't be difficult to locate. I don't think we have many arch linux users,
so your contribution to fixing this, in addition to being very appreciated, may
be the only fix we get. Therefore, I hope and encourage you to give it a try -
at the very least, it will mean you avoid the same hack next time you have to

I personally don't bother doing make install. I run emacspeak from the build
directory and just add the info files to my info path. To be hones, it has been
years since I've even looked at the info files for emacspeak.


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