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Re: [POSSIBLE BUG] espeak and sound icons, is this a configuration error on my system?

It probably is NOT a configuration error on your system. I have found the espeak driver for emacspeak is somewhat less stable than other drivers. Given that the espeak support under speech-dispatcher is rock solid, I'm pretty sure this is an emacspeak specific issue. Things that I have found which will improve the situation include

1. Compiling espeak from sources and changing it to use the correct sound infrastructure directly i.e. either alsa or pulseaudio. I personally use pulseaudio and find that espeak is still much more stable if I compile it myself and configure it to use pulseaudio.

2. Turn off character echo. I find the espeak driver for emacspeak just cannot deal with charactger echo - just too slow. Turning off character echo and just having word echo seems to help.

My suspicion is that the use of espeaks SSML support within the emacspeak espeak driver is the reason espeak is less stable under emacspeak, but this is just a guess based on gut feeling rather than any hard facts. At some point, I will likely change the driver to not use SSML and see what happens.


On 16/04/13 23:35, Bill Dengler(Ubuntu) wrote:
description : playing several sound icons in quick succession causes
Espeak to crash
steps to reproduce :
1 - start emacs with "emacspeak -e"
2 - type M-x
3 - enter "emacspeak-play-all-icons" without quotes
4 - press enter
what happens :  when sounds are done, try to do something else. You will
hear sound icons, but Espeak has crashed! This also happens when trying
to navigate through a buffer with little or no delay in arrow key presses.
what should happen : when the sound icons are done, Espeak should
continue on normally.

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