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OSX, emacspeak, crome interaction

I'm personally not interested in OSX, but I do use ChromeVox as
my primary browser on Linux, with Emacspeak doing the rest on
Linux. Note:I still use emacs/w3  for reading content; but
chromevox for interactive Web sites.

In my case, I run stumpwm as the window manager and switching
between chrome and emacs is the same as switching screens in
screen.  From emacs  I bind a key to invoke a chrome-specific
browse-url-function when I want to hand a URL to Chrome; I also
use the emacs kill-ring and then paste the URL into the Chrome
Address bar when I need to.

Finally for emacs <-> Chrome integration, check out package kite.
>>>>> "Bart" == Bart Bunting <bart@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
    Bart> Hi everyone, The title of this post may be a little
    Bart> confusing .
    Bart> I guess this is sort of a call for interest as well as
    Bart> a query for suggestions.
    Bart> The background: I have started to use chromevox more
    Bart> and more as my primary browser. I've got browse-url etc
    Bart> all set up to launch chromevox.
    Bart> I run on OSX. As I tend to not have voiceover active
    Bart> most of the time I wanted a way to easily switch to
    Bart> chrome tabs I had opene.
    Bart> I also find that I haven't managed to make friends with
    Bart> the chrome bookmark manager. I'm not entirely sure if
    Bart> it's because it doesn't work well with speech or I'm
    Bart> missing something. As far as I can tell I need to
    Bart> enable voiceover and even then we weren't friends.
    Bart> I tend to just keep all my links in an org-mode file
    Bart> and launch them from there.
    Bart> The missing bit of the puzzle: Whilst I'm happy with
    Bart> the links in org-mode aproach I wanted a way to see
    Bart> what tabs were currently open in chrome and a way to
    Bart> switch to them or kill them as required.
    Bart> I've got a basic chrome interaction mode working that
    Bart> lists the currently open tabs allows you to hit enter
    Bart> on them to switch to the tab in chrome and allows you
    Bart> to kill the tab from emacs.
    Bart> I also have keys that return the current active tab's
    Bart> url both as a text string and as an org-mode formatted
    Bart> link.
    Bart> Unfortunately the emacs -> chrome integration is
    Bart> achieved using applescript. Thus making this only
    Bart> appropriate to emacspeak mac users which I'm guessing
    Bart> is a small percentage.
    Bart> Questions:
    Bart> Is anyone out there interested in this?
    Bart> Can anyone suggest a platform independent way of doing
    Bart> the same? I guess that we could use different methods
    Bart> for different platforms if that was an option.
    Bart> Is anyone else using another aproach for bookmarks and
    Bart> or chrome interaction?
    Bart> Just putting feelers out to gauge interest.
    Bart> Kind regards
    Bart> Bart --
    Bart> Kind regards
    Bart> Bart
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Best Regards,

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