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Re: installing binaries under /usr/share?

Jarek Czekalski <jarekczek@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Chris, please explain. Is it the strict requirement before packaging
> the application, or you just want it to be very correct. You see that
> Raman thinks it is not necessary and his arguments are quite
> convincing. But if preserving right directories is a must, we may try
> to find a solution. Together. Making emacpeak easy to package should
> be important thing as it potentially increases the number of users. I
> believe we want to have users.

Raman's argument is fine.  If I was not
a distro packager, I wouldn't even bring up the topic.  In fact, I'd
probably be making similar arguments of my own!  So that's why I let it
drop without much of a response. :)
On the other hand, I'm involved with a distro, and I *have* to care
about the FHS.

The fact is, most users won't notice this at all.  The only people who
will care are the ones who are using NFS to share /usr/share among
several machines that are not all of the same architecture.  It isn't
exactly a common case!
It's mainly an issue of correctness / adherence to standards
(misguided / outdated though the standards may be).  Fixing it would lead to
fewer workarounds by distro packagers, but it won't affect whether emacspeak
is or isn't packaged by distros.

Using symlinks, it's possible to fix this with no change to the
emacspeak source, and that's what I'm going to do for Gentoo.

-- Chris

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