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Re: no byte-compilation in windows release

After listening to voices in "ems-interactive-p, a bug in call-interactively-p" thread [1], I would like to answer here.

W dniu 2013-10-12 00:05, Jarek Czekalski pisze:
I'll work on a script to do the compilation. Indeed it could be bundled with the installer. A one for windows, a batch file.

Currently I don't think it is a good idea. How to handle compilation errors? How to handle users reporting errors? Users are not developers and may have troubles communicating about compilation errors. I don't like the idea of forcing a user to compile computer program.

Performance may be sacrificed. If compiled Emacspeak could be run by computers 20 years ago, it can also be run now without compilation.

If someone else wants to spends his time on a *robust* compilation script, please contribute it to the project. For me it is too much work and new problems for too little benefit.

By the way. I am still not sure about the cause of the "cl-proclaim" error when running compiled emacspeak. If I load "emacspeak.elc", I get an error. No error with "emacspeak.el", which surprisingly is called by the official script. But since compilation is put aside, I don't find it necessary to dig that problem.

[1] https://www.emacspeak.org/VCCS-archive/2013/msg00431.html


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