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Re: OS X 10.9 and emacspeak

Note that I'll cut a new Emacspeak release in the next few weeks,
-- if you want an updated Mac server checked in, send me a stable
patch at some point.
>>>>> "Bart" == Bart Bunting <bart@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
    Bart> Tim, Things are ok but not perfect.
    Bart> There is an issue with the mac speech server which is
    Bart> mostly patched in the latest e-mac-speak version.
    Bart> I can't quite put my finger on it but it feels like
    Bart> there is still some sluggishness at times possibly
    Bart> related to voicelock.
    Bart> Chromevox also has an issue currently patched in chrome
    Bart> canary but not in mainline chrome. So you will need to
    Bart> run canary until a new chromevox release is cut.
    Bart> Tim Cross <tcross@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
    >> Hi all,
    >> was considering whether it is a good idea to upgrade to OS
    >> X 10.9 or not. I noticed a couple of posts which indicated
    >> there were possible issues with the mac server, but have
    >> not seen (or have missed) any further follow-ups. There
    >> have been a couple of minor issues I've encountered with
    >> systems at work which may be fixed with the update, but I
    >> don't want to lose emacspeak. Can anyone using maverick
    >> let me know how they are finding it?
    >> thanks,
    >> Tim
    >> --
    >> Tim Cross IT Security Manager, Information Technology
    >> University of New England Armidale N.Sl.W. 2350
    >> Email: tcross@xxxxxxxxxxx Phone: +61 2 6773 3210 Mobile:
    >> +61 428 212 217
    Bart> Bart --
    Bart> Kind regards
    Bart> Bart
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Best Regards,

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