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Learning Emacs plus Emacspeak as a Beginner


I have tried to learn Emacs with Emacspeak, but I have been facing some issues. The problem is that in order to understand Emacs's documentation, I need to understand a few things about Emacspeak. And to be able to understand Emacspeak's documentation, I need to know some Emacs terminology. So, I'm stuck.

For example, I have set up Emacspeak by cloning the repository, running `sudo make config`, `sudo make`, and `sudo make install`. Then, I added the line loading `emacspeak-loader.el` to `~/.emacs.d/init.el`.

However, running `emacspeak` (or simply `emacs`) doesn't provide speech output.

So, two things here:

* Is there an easy way of installing Emacspeak on Arch, as the documentation seems to be out of date? I'm a beginner, so please be gentle. * Is there a way of learning Emacs and Emacspeak together that you may recommend? I feel like I'm learning an already complicated program by not even having a rudimentary grasp of the screen reader (emacspeak).

Thanks a lot!

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