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mimicking the functionality of iswitchb mode?

I switched to emacs 25 and emacspeak 45. In emacs 25, iswitchb mode is deprecated, so i was looking for some other options.

I tried ido mode, helm and ecomplety mode. Both three have a somewhat strange functionality.

When using iswitchb mode, when changing buffers, by typing part of the name of the buffer, emacspeak would tell me immediately the first select option and append in the end the number of options that I could switch to.

Either with helm or ido mode, when I type, it also says the possible options, but it takes a long time to do so.The speed of the spoken feedback of the iswichb mode interface was like when doing incremental searches in a buffer -- that is, candidates are announced right away. With helm or ido mode, however, this update takes some time.

Let's say that I have three buffers, a.txt, b.txt and c.txt

When typing:
C-x b txt

I hear:
txt 0 choices
and just after it says:
a.txt one of three.

is there a way to make the behavior of ido or helm to be the same as the iswitchb mode, concerning the spoken feedback?

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