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Voice lock mode

This question is a follow up from the previous question on how to disable voice-lock-mode.

I've tried C-u 0 C-e d v, but it only disables voice lock until I switch to another buffer.  I've also tried M-x customize-group and found the voice settings under Emnacs->Applications->Emacspeak->Voice Fonts, but there didn't seem to be a setting to disable voice lock.  What I did see was the settings for all of the individual voices used for voice lock, such as voice-bolden, voice-smoothen, and voice-brighten. I could turn all of these voices to the normal voice values, but that seems like a rather nasty hack, because I'd not be able to easily turn voice lock back on if I decided that it would be useful; there must be a better way to do it.

I've also tried putting the following in my .emacs file:

(load "/home/ryan/emacspeak_voxin_install.44/install/emacspeak-44.0/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak/lisp/emacspeak-setup.el")
(setq-default major-mode 'text-mode)
(add-hook 'text-mode-hook 'turn-off-voice-lock)
(add-hook 'prog-mode-hook 'turn-off-voice-lock)
(add-hook 'special-mode-hook 'turn-off-voice-lock)

The load works fine, and the text-mode default also works (except for when emacs first starts up). The hooks work some of the time (e.g. when I open .java files or create a new text file, but it doesn't work when I'm using dired or browsing the web with eww, which is strange, since I would've thought that dired and eww would fall under special-mode. I'd like a way to set a hook to all major modes, but there doesn't seem to bea "root hook" (at first I thought that fundamental-mode-hook would solve this problem, but then I found out that it doesn't exist). So, what is the best solution for turning off voice-lock-mode so that I don't have to type the command to turn it off whenever I enter a new buffer?


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