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mac and log-mac simultaneously, plus logging all auditory icons

I'm primarily a visual learner, but I also need to hear the speech and auditory icons so I can understand how my kids will be using them, and so I can start adding icons to clojure mode.  Here's what I did so that I can do both simultaneously. Don't think this should make its way into any code base, but it might be useful to sighted people, or for diagnostic purposes.

1. In the emacspeak/servers/ directory, I renamed the "mac" executable to "actual-mac", and created an executable #!/bin/sh script called "mac" that contains a single line: "tee -a /tmp/speech.log | `dirname $0`/actual-mac".  This causes all commands to be both written to a logfile *and* sent to the actual mac synthesizer.

2. I also created in the emacspeak/servers/ directory a #!/bin/sh script called "play" containing: "echo $@ >> /tmp/speech.log; /usr/local/bin/play $@" and I put at the front of my init.el a command to add the above directory to the search path: (add-to-list 'exec-path "/Users/mgflax/gits/emacspeak/servers")

3. I make the emacs window cover most of the screen, but not the bottom quarter or so, and then behind it I have a simple terminal doing a "tail -f" of /tmp/speech.log.

Of course, there's no need that the two scripts write to the same file, but so far it seems more useful than writing to two different files.  Also, in theory I should include the PID in the filename, but the "mac" script is long-running whereas the "play" script is invoked once per icon, so I couldn't find a simple way to accomplish that.  In any case, this is just for personal investigation...but perhaps it will be of use to someone else someday.



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