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Describing all visible windows within the current frame

This must be a common feature, but I just can't find it anywhere.

As a sighted person, I can glance at emacs and see that there are multiple windows open, and even be able to tell what "C-x o" will do.  But how can a blind person tell?  There is C-x C-b that lets me see all open buffers...but I can't find a similar command that says all the current windows.  Is there something like emacspeak-speak-windows-layout that would list all currently-displayed windows (e.g. first giving the total number of open windows in the frame, then enumerates them starting with the current window, then the window that C-x o would move to, etc)?

I'm asking for my son, whom I'm throwing headfirst into emacspeak and any tools to let him orient himself would be wonderful.

Thanks so much for emacspeak!


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