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macOS, Emacspeak and E-Mail

Hi List,

looking for some feedback and suggestions. 

In particular, I wanted to find out what people are using for email under emacs and emacspeak these days. Is VM still the preferred client?

The Problem. 

I would like to upgrade to macOS 10.12 Sierra. However, my employer uses MS Exchange for email. This is one of the reasons I moved to the Mac - support for exchange under Linux was, at the time, pretty poor. 

I've been using Apple Mail for the last few years and it works fine with Exchange and gives me good calendar integration, which is also important in my job. The only thing Apple Mail lacks is support for encrypted and signed messages, which I also require in my job. This problem has been addressed via the GPG Tools suite. Unfortunately, Apple does not provide a usable API which GPG Tools can rely on, so after every upgrade, there is a delay while the hard working folks who maintain GPG Tools reverse engineer a new integration. This usually takes only a relatively short period of time. However, this time, the GPG Folks indicate that macOS has re-engineered a lot of the Apple Mail internals (probably to support the new 'touch bar' functionality). 

This leaves me a little stuck. Either I have to stick with OSX 10.11 or I need to find a good emacs mail client which supports exchange and can handle signing, encryption and decryption of email messages. 

the main things I need from an emacs based client are

- Good emacspeak support. Happy to work on this if necessary.
- Good/reliable exchange or IMAP support. Last time I used VM, the exchange IMAP support was not great. While it could use exchange IMAP, it often had index issues and problems with decoding of some messages (Ironically, Apple Mail attachments were an issue). 
- GPG support. This actually worked reasonably well once setup (though I never used it on a Mac). 
- Diary integration. This was pretty bad. While there was basic support to dislay ical data, there was no reliable integration. 

Other alternatives I'm happy to look at are alternative macOS email clients which support VoiceOver. I notice that Office 2016 for Mac seems to now have some improved VoiceOver support, so perhaps Ooutlook is a possibility, though I'm not sure about how well it will support GPG either. 



Tim Cross

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