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emacspeak reading Slime REPL buffer freezes emacs in some cases


For some reason, I've had an unexplained interest in Lisp recently.
I'm not really even a good coder. I found Practical Common Lisp and am
amazed at how much sense this is making...
Anyway, the book recommends Slime, so I installed that. One of the
early chapters builds a (very basic) database in the REPL. I found
after adding a couple entries to the database (a list of plists),
emacs will freeze if I arrow up to see the result. This only happens
with Emacspeak, though. I've tried with 44.0 and the latest from
github/tvraman/emacspeak (currently f23658). Emacspeak speaks  the
first entry in the plist, then freezes. I've found no combination of
keys to get it out of whatever it's doing, I have to kill it from
another terminal. During that time, it's taking up around 96% CPU, as
observed by htop.
I know I suck at coding, but I didn't know it was that bad... :D
For clarity, this should do it from a fresh Slime REPL. I'm using sbcl
(does this matter?)
(defvar *db* nil)
(defun make-cd (title artist rating ripped)
(list :title title :artist artist :rating rating :ripped ripped))
(defun add-record (cd)
(push cd *db*))
(add-record (make-cd "stuff" "testing" 1 t))
(add-record (make-cd "Woot" "Testing" 3 t))
;up arrow, watch things break
The original came from
How do I proceed with this?


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