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Correct voice pitch isn't set all the time

I’m using Emacspeak on the Mac with the Mac speech server, but I’m not sure if this is a speech server issue, or an emacspeak issue.
I’ve noticed this for a long time now, but only now could figure out the best way to reproduce the issue.
The point I’m trying to make below is that if you cause a line to be read by navigating to the next or previous line, the pitch is set correctly. However, if you are navigating by character in a line with multiple styles, it’s not.
So, to reproduce, just open a markdown buffer, and type this:
# Heading
Remember to press RET at the end, so that we have a line to navigate into and away from.
Now, if you go to the previous line, you will hear a normal pitched “#” and a heading-pitch “Heading”. Perfect so far.
However, if you keep going back and forth between these lines and navigate to the “#” with the left and right arrow keys, you will hear it in different pitches. Sometimes it’s higher than it should be, sometimes it’s lower.
The only way to reset the pitch to the proper value is to arrow left until you hear “Beginning of buffer”. Now, the “#” character is spoken with the standard voice, but navigating right through the “Heading” word does not set the voice pitch to “headings” like it’s supposed to.
I don’t quite understand what’s happening here, hence the vague steps to reproduce. However, if you play around with navigating for about thirty seconds, you should be able to easily reproduce the issue in multiple ways.
Thanks for looking into this.

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