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Error when running new server

Hello folks

I'm writing a new speech server for Emacspeak.

This is because of the stuttering tts in the Raspberry Pi.  I have
already written a library that uses the OpenMAX integration layer and
forked espeakup to make piespeakup, and render speech from speakup
directly on the GPU.

I am now undertaking to write a server for Emacspeak which will use the
same library.

I have written the lexer and parser part with Flex and Bison, and I'm in
the process of writing an x86 back-end for this to prove concept.

But, when I run the server, by replacing DTK_PROGRAM with the name of my
server, in the right directory, I get:

(bytecomp): reference to free variable ‘ido-process-ignore-lists’

Every time I move the cursor.

I have logged Emacspeak protocol output with log-espeak and run the
output of it through my lexer/parser in debug mode and it runs OK,
although I have not yet fully implemented some of the functions.

There is a reference to ido-process-ignore-lists in emacspeak-ido.el.

I'm testing my server on Ideal Dog on Arch running a 64-bit laptop.

Any ideas?

I can post the github URL for my code if necessary.


Michael A. Ray
Witley, Surrey, South-east UK

Raspberry VI:

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