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which mode is prefered for html/ js by emacspeak users?

Dear all,

I have got my Python environment absolutely setup perfect, except the single irritation I have with extra chattyness.

I had mailed about it previous, but this is a different query.

I see there are several modes for web development.

The one I am now trying is web-mode.

I am also aware that company-mode has some kind of connection with the web-mode with company-web-html command.

But is this what all of you use?

I haven't got auto completion working in web-mode as of now.

I also don't know if there is some accessible way of knowing where a certain block ends.

For example in some IDEs if you put your cursor on a <div> tag it's respective </div> tag is highlighted for sighted users.

I wonder if such a thing exists in Emacs and if emacspeak in turn has some assistance for this?

Happy hacking.


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