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Those commercial synths?

While upgrading everything here, decided I'd step up to Software DTK or
one of the I presume better supported commercial synths.

I had been using eflite previously but started using espeak a month ago.
Eflite had good speech quality but required constant restarting.  It's
no better as now shipped wiht Ubuntu/Xenial.

Espeak had not required a single restart but after a month, I'm still
not liking the speech quality.

Anyhow, 2 weeks ago I phones SpeechFX to inquire about Software DTK,
left message which they never returned.  I haven't given it much thought
till now.

anyone recently purchased a commercial synth to use with current
emacspeak, which brand/version, from whom and was it indeed superior?


Jerry Sievers
e: gsievers19@xxxxxxxxxxx

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