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installed emacs25 from repo, now emacspeak does not speak

        Dear all,

I finally got some way ahead in my issues with the display option which I had posted a few days back.

However I am writing this as a different thread because the issue is totally different.

While my auto-complete is now visually seen, the emacspeak output is gone.

Naturally so, because /usr/bin/emacspeak points to emacs24 precisely.

Now it is but obvious that I tryed to set it to exec emacs25 but now there is no speach.

How do you guys solve this.

Basically I wish that emacs runs without speech and when I enter emacspeak then it should start with speech.

Can any one of you give me an idea of how to do this?

I searched on Internet but most information is for 24 version of emacs.

Happy hacking.


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