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Bug: emacspeak-jabber-chat-previous-message reads the current message instead of going to the previous message

I submitted a patch for this, issue a few days back, but I see it hasn’t been applied. Do I need to change something in it?
The bug is that if you’re not on the first character of the message, when you press M-p (bound to emacspeak-jabber-chat-previous-message), emacspeak reads the current message, not the previous one.
The patch fixed the issue by executing beginning-of-line at the very beginning, which automatically handles fields (i.e. it doesn’t go to the area of the current line which has the time of the current message). Another, perhaps smarter way, would be to check if the current character has the ‘field’ property set to null, and if yes, go back until we encounter the `jabber-prompt` field.
Not sure if I need to implement this and send another patch, or if my other patch was missed.

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