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query re how one could support the touchbar on the new macbook


As many of you would know I'm a mac user.

I've just received the new 2016 macbook pro with touchbar.

While the support  via voiceover for the touchbar is ok I am used to
turning off voiceover when using emacs to prevent any unwanted

As far as I know there isn't a good or even viable way to put voiceover
to sleep sufficiently so it does nothing accept make the touchbar talk.

If I turn it off entirely then the outcome is that touching the touchbar
instantly presses whatever key my finger lands on.

To be honest  that's not viable at all.

Now of course I can just remap all of the things I have on function keys
and ignore their existance.

I was thinking though that it should be possible to some how add some
advice such that when a key is initially pressed emacspeak speaks it's
name and only if it is pressed again is it activated.

Does this sound possible and can anyone give any pointers as to how it
could be coded?

Kind regards

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