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Bug in emacspeak-eww.el

Hi Raman,

found an issue with the advice for www-browse-with-external-browser.
Issue is that the argument to this function is optional, which means it
can be nil. When this happens, the advice fails because of a wrong type
argument to match-string.

My quick and dirty fix is to just wrap the url variable in an or so that
it returns an empty string if no url was passed in. Have copied fixed
version below.

(defadvice eww-browse-with-external-browser(around emacspeak pre act comp)
  "Use our m-player integration."
  (let* ((url (ad-get-arg 0))
         (media-p (string-match emacspeak-media-extensions (or url ""))))
     (media-p (emacspeak-m-player url))
     (t ad-do-it))))

Tim Cross

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