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EWW image display

I'm running into problems getting EWW to display images. Everything
works fine without Emacspeak, but as soon as Emacspeak is loaded, I can
no longer display images with EWW.

I have set the variable emacspeak-eww-silence-images to nil, but that
seems to have had no effect.

Is there something else I need to set in order to enable image display
within EWW?

BTW I also noticed that when I do M-x customize-group <ret> emacspeak,
the customize group for emacspeak-eww does not show up in the list of
sub-groups. You have to explicitly do M-x customize-group <ret>

I am running Emacs 27.0.60 (from the emacs 27 branch of the git
repository) and the latest git version of emacspeak under GNU Linux.

Tim Cross

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