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My introduction to the emacspeak world!

Hello all,
I downloaded and installed emacs and emacspeak two weeks ago and I am really excited  with some of the functionality. I have though some questions and I would be really grateful if you could put some light. 
1: Do you think the integration of emacs and Emacspeak is better in Mac OS or in linux? I have been using ubuntu with orca during the last five years coding in Gedit and running things from the terminal. Although orca works fine in the terminal it does not work so well in other things like web navigation and programming environments and it seems that more apps are accessible in Mac OS with voiceover. I started using Mac OS a month ago because I expected that I would find an accessible environment for coding in C python and Julia and righting latex documents. I was disappointed when I found out that even in Mac OS there is no simple solution and I decided to  invest in emacs. And this brings me to my second question. 
2: Are any people hear that have the same needs with me and if yes do they have a tested set up to suggest? By set up I mean what operating system  do you us and do you have a combination of emacspeak with a screen reader or you use emacspeak for everything. 

I would like to ask if someone could explain why emacspeak is more efficient when browsing the web. I see in the manual that emacspeak has more information for the content of emacs as it is a part of it. But what does this practically mean? Could you give an example where emacspeak gives you more functionality when browsing the web compared to a screen reader?

Finally, one more practical question: I am trying to change the c-e shortcut of emacspeak to something else so as to use c-e for going to the end of the line how can I do that? 
 This is what I found in emacspeak manual but I do not understand how it works.

Command: emacspeak-keymap-choose-new-emacspeak-prefix (prefix-key)
Interactively select a new prefix key to use for all emacspeak
commands.  The default is to use ‘C-e’  This command
lets you switch the prefix to something else

Thank you a lot in advance for your time and your consideration.
Argiris Koumtzis 
Phd student 
Max Plank Institute for Solar system Research 
Gottingen Germany  37077

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