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List changes to new equipment and software by this fall

Hi Folks,

I have a few updates and some future plans for the emacspeak list and
archive to share. Also, we are a few hours away from the start of
Passover, so I will be offline for the next few days.  I will play
catch up on Sunday.

Summary: I am going to keep things on the Vassar server as they are for the next few months, tinkering as needed to keep the current setup alive. My main
effort will be setting up and moving the list and archive to a Linode
virtual host. The plan is to change from Smartlist to Mailman at that
time as well. It is my hope is to have it all completed and running
by this fall.  At that time the list address will change.

Some details and a bit of history:

I am working remotely with the new Sys Admin at the Vassar College
Computer Science Department to keep things functioning in the short
term. Vassar CS has been home to our list since May 3, 1996.  At that
time I was the Sys Admin there. I left Vassar in 2011.  The CS
Department has been generous in hosting the list since I left.
Until 2015 I was able to ssh in and do list maintenance directly. In
2015 College policy changes prevented me from logging in to the
machines. Since that time any work on the list that could not be
accomplished by it's email server has been graciously done with the cooperation of the CS Department Sys Admin  in Poughkeepsie NY.

The web archive which was generated in my personal account space. It has
been broken since 2015 and was beyond what I could do remotely as the
back-end services I used to build it and index it where no longer
on the department machines.

Current known issues:

I am cleaning out names from the list that are no longer valid addresses.  This should reduce the bounces you see when posting.

Some Mail bounces are from members of the list who cannot receive mail
from the smartlist server because it is no longer complaint to the
evolving standards of their mail systems.  I have left these people on the list
as this issues should be corrected when we move to Mailman.

The list server archives the last 100 messages and I have confirmed
that it continues to work but it is very particular. If the syntax of your request
to it is off at all, you will not get what you want or get nothing at all. If you do want to use it, you can get started by sending mail to
emacspeak-request@xxxxxxxxxxx with a subject of "archive help". It
can take a little time to respond.

Subscribe or unsubscribe requests just work in most cases but now
and again there are issues. I am hopeful that these will also be fixed
by the move to Mailman. In the meantime if you have problems with
subscribing or unsubscribing, please write me directly and we will
work it out.  If someone has contacted you about problems subscribing
please advise them to write me directly as well.

That's it for now, I will update the list once the transition begins.

Wishing you all health and calm in the days ahead,


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