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Could you please add a section to the manual about how to make an Emacs package accessible using Emacspeak?

Hi Raman,
I was wondering if there is any documentation about your tips and tricks, your workflow on when you encounter a package and you want to make it work with Emacspeak. It would be great to have that as part of the Emacspeak documentation in Info, so that if I encounter a package that I really like to use and it doesn't work with Emacspeak, I could make the necessary changes and submit a patch.
Here is what I currently think I'd do:
1. Advise interactive functions that'd make sense, to make Emacspeak read or say the right thing
2. Assign voices to faces – this one is unclear to me since I don't know how you decide what voice to use for what face
I'm not sure if there are any more steps, or if I can use any of the Emacspeak wizards for example to make it easier.
Thanks a lot!

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