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turning off autocomplete in google queries

I've just upgraded to emacs 27.1 and emacspeak commit 901de4f1f9ea3b34beaa0115f7b5a014c8999039
I've been stuck in emacs-25 for a while so unable to follow emacspeak
updates. That means I've been doing google searches with a kludge of
using eww directly, a register variable with the google search
template in it then the text I want to search for ... ugh.
Pleased to be back with old friends c-e?g etc. Can I turn off
autocomplete in these queries or should I not want to do that?
For example
c-e?gsearching interesting string
inserts the space after "searching" but not after "interesting". c-q
spc will do it. Perhaps I'm not using this sensibly but at the moment
it's more time-consuming negotiating with the autocompletion than
trying several searches. Pointers to how to work better with this
would be welcome. Apart from that minor problem the upgrade has been
my smoothest in 20 years of doing this, emacspeak never went silent.
thanks again

Peter Rayner
Academic Lead - Climate & Energy College <http://www.climatecollege.unimelb.edu.au>
Clean Air and Urban Landscapes NESP hub <http://www.nespurban.edu.au>
School of Earth Sciences, University of Melbourne, 3010, Vic, Australia
mobile +61 402 752 379, skype: petermorag 
zoom id 4431343191, join at  <https://unimelb.zoom.us/j/4431343191?pwd=a1E5Z3JEOTRVQUJsaVdRbVUvR1QyZz09>
mail-to: prayner@xxxxxxxxxxx TWITTER: @raynerstrings

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