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no speech on company autocomplete with emacspeak 53

Hi list,

Just testing to upgrade my emacspeak from 50 to 53 and notice something a bit off. When trying to test autocomplete I cannot get any speech feedback.
I noticed that it happen only on buffer with lsp-mode on.
I cannot say for sure about another  lsp-mode other than lsp-dart since that is what I have on my machine.

Steps to reproduce:
- Open any file that use lsp-mode (in my case a dart file)
- type any keyword that will trigger autocomplete, like 'print'

Expected result:
- Emacspeak announce the autocomplete candadate

Actual result:
- No speech

- Debian 10 x64
- emacs 28 (compile with gccemacs)

Does anyone has Any suggestions?

Best Regards
Edhoari Setiyoso

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