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ARGH - List move and test

Hi Folks,

It was my intent to send this message to the new list, which THIS TIME I AM MAKING SURE IS THE CASE.
SO, don't do what Greg does, make sure you send to emacspeak@xxxxxxxxxxx!
And here is the same message that just went out over the cs.vassar ist.

So far it looks good, one odd thing is that on gmail my "Welcome to the list" letter was put in the "Promotions"  heading of the primary inbox.  Not sure why.  But if you are seeing this and you did not see the Welcome email have a look, you should have it.

There are a handful of messages still in the queue to be tried again. of some messages which did not get delivered, a few because the site accepting their mail did not recognize our mail host as trusted.  I have filed tickets with the trust lists to allow mail from emacspeak.org.  As of this writing it looks like all but the sites using csi.cloudmark are now allowing our mail to pass.  Hopefully cloudmark will resolve this issue shortly.  

That only left a few members not delivered, these timed out or were rejected with "try again later" messages. 

This message is a test to see what issues remain.    

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