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List changes update

Hi Folks,
A few list migration updates:

Email list:
I have received confirmation from the current Vassar CS Sys. Admin, Matt, that he will get me the latest distribution list this Thursday.  That will hopefully ensure people who have subscribed or unsubscribed recently are dealt with correctly over the transition.  -Thanks Matt!

Expect a Welcome message from the new list on Thursday evening UTC.  I will send a note to this list saying these notes have gone out.  If you are already subscribed to this list you will not need to confirm the new subscription. Unlike the current mailing list,  on the new list you will get a copy of your posts, at least in the beginning.  I want to avoid the uncertainty of "are people seeing my posts?"  This default can change once we are all sure of the new list.  Or, if most people want this left on we can leave it. The setting can also be changed for each member, so, whichever way we end up with the list default, everyone can have it the way they like it.

The existing archive (the one that ends in September of 2015) has been moved to the new site.  New email messages starting with the new list will be archived by hyperkitty at the new site.  Once we are all moved over I will work on updating the pre-move archive to contain all the pre-move messages.  After incorporation of all the Sept. 2015 - Feb 2021 messages I hope to get search running again on the old messages. The new messages will be searchable from the get go.

NNTP (usenet) gateway:
I have requested the address change at the gmane gateway admin site. Hopefully the transition to the new address will be a smooth one. But it might take a few days as we are all volunteers.  I am now watching the posts via the gateway as well.  Should there be a lag I will at least know and once the nntp gateway is on line with the new address I will see if we can get it caught up.  

Both Tim and I will be watching the list, our hope is to deal with whatever problems we encounter over the first few days in short order.

More as I know it,


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