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[Emacspeak] Resolved: Emacspeak sounds on the Mac

Hi all, I fixed it! I checked out Emacspeak 52.0, set the sound player to emacspeak-queue-auditory-icon, then checked out 53.0 and made it, and it worked. Then I checked out 54.0, and that worked too. So, I think the fixing line in my .emacs.el is:

 '(emacspeak-auditory-icon-function 'emacspeak-queue-auditory-icon t)

This is from the custom-set variables part of the file, so if you put that in somewhere it should work, I think. I’m not an Emacs expert, I just found a way to make this work, so am sharing it with other Mac users of Emacspeak. So, if you’ve upgraded from 52 to 53 and 54, you may not have this issue. But if you’re a new Emacspeak user, you may need this to get sounds working.
Hope it helps!

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