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[Emacspeak] Re: Voxin 3.x incompatibility with outloud speech-server

Note, I'm getting the IBM Voices in console and also in emacspeak, but I haven't rebooted yet.  I think it is likely that I haven't read all the README files yet even though I did configure voxin.conf as I believe I was told.

Attached is my copy of voxin.ini which I put it in ~/.config/voxin.ini I'll have to re-read the instructions but everything works, I have IBM TTS in console, not my  new voice, and I have my new voice in ORCA in MATE.

There are two voxin.ini files on my system after installing Voxin Embedded.

And they are different.
The one at  /opt/oralux/voxin/share/conf/voxin.ini mentions the embedded voices.

More work on my part has to be done, but I'm getting close.

Best regards,


On Sun, Jun 27, 2021 at 9:29 PM D.J.J. Ring, Jr. <n1ea@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
From Gilles Casse of Voxin.

The new 3.3rc6 release is available; this should help speechdup (speech dispatcher) in console mode to speak with the  new Voxin Embedded voices instead of IBM TTS.  (I have the american-english-zoe-ml-high voice.)
Instructions for download.  

1) Copy your purchase URL and paste it into Firefox browser.  You will then have a compressed tgz file which you must untar.  The command "tar -xvf" worked for me.

Note the next method which can be installed in the graphical environment  is only for Debian or Debian derived distributions, it does NOT work for SLINT.

How to install for command line is given at https://oralux.org/index.php#object
2) For those using Debian or Debian derived distributions such as Ubuntu, and who wish to use a non-command line installation.  Copy the purchase URL as above, paste into Firefox browser, and add (or append) the two characters &g to the URL and you will download a deb file which can be installed with apt-get or other Debian tools (I like wajig).
Gilles Casse continues his remarks:

The voxin.ini configuration file must be customized accordingly.

More info in the README file provided or the voxin.ini file itself.

Best wishes,

End of message from Gilles

Remember to buy all the same type (example buy HIGH quality voices at the SAME time and receive a generous discount.  
If I wanted Zoe ML High [American English] and Tessa High [South African English] and bought them at the same time, I would get a considerable discount, but if I wanted Zoe Pro and Tessa High I would NOT get a discount.  You have to buy the same grade or variety, that is, both High, both compact, both Pro to have the discount.  There is NO discount on IBMTTS.
For Vocalizer embedded: discount on the second runtime of same quality.

For example, if the "Nathan compact" and "Laila compact" voices are purchased, a discount is applied to the second voice.

Item Price Discount
Voxin + IBM TTS 4.19 EUR 0%
Voxin + Vocalizer Embedded, Compact 22.1 EUR 36%
Voxin + Vocalizer Embedded, Pro 26 EUR 36%
Voxin + Vocalizer Embedded, High 29.91 EUR 36%

The last tested distributions are displayed below. Much more should be compatible.

Arch Linux (June 2021)
Debian 10, 11 (sid)
Gentoo (December 2020)
openSUSE Tumbleweed (June 2021)
Raspberry Pi OS (June 2021)
Slint (June 2021)
Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04, 21.04
Voxin 3.3rc5 is compatible with Emacspeak (IBM TTS), Fenrir, Orca/Speech-Dispatcher, SBL.

The installation of Emacspeak and Voxin (Viavoice Outloud) is facilitated by the emacspeak voxin installer compatible Emacspeak 49.0 and more recent versions.

Voxin includes only one language. For installing two languages, you may want to purchase two Voxin packages.

Best regards,


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