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[Emacspeak] Introducing myself and a request

Hello everyone,

My name is Francisco, and I am a highschool student who started getting into Linux a few months ago.
I started with Arch, switched to Ubuntu, Fedora, and then returned to Arch Linux.
I would like to get up and running with emacspeak so I can see what it can and can't do, and see if it suits my needs, however, I cannot, and here is why: I am using pipewire on arch linux as of now.
When I wrote on the blinux mailing list, linux for blind, I got told that sadly emacspeak does not work with pipewire yet.
<I do not have any intention of removing pipewire and installing pulseaudio, because that would disrupt my workflow for far too long.
As of now I am using arch linux with gnome 40 and orca master.
Now, after all that has been said, I'd like to ask if anything could be done about emacspeak to make it work with pipewire.
I have no coding knowledge so I won't be able to help in the development, if any will be done, but I will surely test out the git package in the aUR or whatever if you so ask of me.
Best regards.

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