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[Emacspeak] Scheduled Server maintenance 22:30 UTC Monday Aug. 2 - 00:00 UTC Tuesday Aug. 3

Hi Folks,

At 22:30 UTC Monday Aug. 2, 2021 we will be doing an update and reboot of the emacspeak.org server.  It is routine maintenance. I expect no issues.  The system has been up for over 6 months, it's time for an updated kernel image and reboot.  Both www.emacspeak.org and mail.emacspeak.org will be affected at this time as they are currently two different names for the same machine.

Any messages yet to be delivered by the server or any messages coming into the server will simply queue up and get dealt with after the reboot.  No incoming or outgoing messages will be lost by a mail server reboot.

The only way this might cause you to loose a message is if you compose your list message using the hyperkitty mail archive interface at mail.emacspeak.org and are doing that when we reboot.  I don't know if anyone uses that feature.  But if you are in the habit of  using it, avoid it then.  Try to be done by 22:00 UTC Monday and you'll be fine.  

I will send out a note when everything is up again.  


Greg Priest-Dorman



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