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[Emacspeak] Line echo and text-mode on emacspeak 53

Hi Folks,

Well, my setup was quite old.  I am now running emacspeak 53 and have noticed an odd behavior.  It happens with both espeak and outloud on a relatively current linux box. I would like to know if it is also happening to others.  If it is, then I will dig into it more, if it isn't, then I will look for a fault on my end.

When I am in a text-mode buffer, with line echo on, neither the return key nor the command M-x newline create a new line.  When I press the return key I hear the line read back, but it does not create a newline. Once I toggle line echo off ( C-e d l ) the key and the command work as expected.  This does not happen in an org-mode buffer. In an org buffer the return key works as expected regardless of line-echo,  but this is consistently repeatable in a text-mode buffer.  This happens both in a graphical emacs window  and at a terminal, this happens both with espeak and outloud as the DTK_PROGRAM.

I am running GNU Emacs 26.1 (build 2, x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 3.24.7) and a fresh install of Emacs 53.

Unfortunately I no longer have multiple machines to test on, my other emacspeak setup is running 32 bit emacspeak 44 in a linux proot on android so not exactly apples to apples. 


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