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[Emacspeak] Re: Emacspeak announces capitalization even though dtk-caps is disabled

Thank you so much for the explanation.

On Thu, Aug 12, 2021 at 7:58 PM T.V Raman via Emacspeak <emacspeak@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Tim Cross via Emacspeak <emacspeak@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

It is mostly correct barring typos.

It frustrates me no end that everyone who asks for docs never seems to
look in the first place, the emacspeak info manual.
C-e tab sRET tts RET
lands you on the right location, I dont think this can be made any

 I totally understand you. In general, I always know how to look for the documentation that I wrote. When people ask me how to find some information though, rather than getting frustrated I simply try to remind them how to find what they are looking for. This seems more productive for multiplying and fostering knowledge.

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