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[Emacspeak] Re: Missing command?

Hwaen Ch'uqi via Emacspeak <emacspeak(a)emacspeak.org> writes:

> Greetings again,
> I am re-asking, as no one has yet responded. It appears that
> dtk-notify-shutdown is missing in emacspeak-54. Is there a solution
> for this? I would greatly appreciate any feedback.

Off the top of my head, there are a few things I would try. Raman
probably knows of a far more elegant solution.

- Use C-e d . (dtk-notify-stop) to stop speech on the notify stream

- You could set the virtual ALSA device used for notifications via
  tts-notification-device to a specific ALSA device and then either mute
  that device or set the volume much lower to make the overlap less disturbing

I thought there was an option to enable the separate notification
stream, but either I imagined it or it no longer exists, so I don't
think there is a way to not have separate notification streams. You
could try changing the calls to make-thread to funcall in emacspeak.el,
which I think would then make things synchronous. The issue you will get
then is that notifications will probably interrupt other speech, which
can be just as annoying as multiple speakers talking at once.

I use pulsaudio and the pavolcontrol program to set the notification
stream to a much lower value, so notifications a much quieter and don't
bother me should they occur at the same time as other 'main' speech is

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