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[Emacspeak] Re: Any tips on optimal audio config for emacspeak?

Derek Roberts <bigd.vi.guy(a)gmail.com> writes:

I've not play with a Pi so you'll need to explore and experiment.

In general, if these is latency with alsa, you'll get even greater
latency with pulse.
See the sample asoundrc in servers/linux-outloud for some examples of
what you can do.

Warning: dont just copy it, you'll end up with broken audio.
Use aplay to test, play a simple wav file like so:

aplay -v

that will show you all the processing that is happening, depending on
the sound card etc you may need to tune   the buffer-size etc.

> Hi all,
> Hopefully I got the address right! :)
> I'm trying to get Emacspeak working on a Raspberry Pi 4 running Arch.
> It seems like no matter what I do, audio performance just isn't quite
> right. With Alsa, there's noticeable lag when I do anything. The
> speech is slow to interrupt, icons play slowly and make the whole
> emacs process seem to lag. With Pulseaudio, the pauses between speech
> chunks are greatly lengthened. A simple comma may take a full second
> to be processed.
> Does anyone have tips for an optimal audio configuration? I'm guessing
> the icon slowness is just SD card performance (class 10, they said!),
> but what about the speech lag? In case it helps, I'm using latest
> Emacspeak from github/tvraman/emacspeak with the espeak server.
> ...Or should I just blow the whole thing and switch to FreeBSD? :)
> Thanks for your help,
> Derek
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