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[Emacspeak] Re: Nyxt browser

In the emacspeak 55 install there is a nyxt folder, I've not tried it out though.
Tim Cross via Emacspeak <emacspeak(a)emacspeak.org> writes:

> Hi Raman,
> just wondering if you have looked at the Nyxt browser? I've just built
> and installed it and am surprised at how good it seems. If your not
> familiar with it, it is a Common Lisp based web browser which includes
> Javascript support.
> What is interesting is that it is not too hard to define commands which
> can be run in Emacs which interact with the browser. You can also run a
> swank server in the browser and connect to it via slime.
> My thinking is that it could provide a nice extension for those sites
> which require Javascript and are not terribly useful with eww. I also
> suspect it would be fairly straight-forward to add at least rudimentary
> speech support. There is already code out there showing use of Emacs and
> Nyxt for capturing org notes and driving Nyxt from within Emacs.
> Could be another useful tool - especially for those like us who run
> Emacs and Stumpwm and therefore already have CL, swank and slime setup
> etc.
> Tim
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Best regards Isaac

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