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[Emacspeak] Getting emacspeak working on apple silicon M1

Hi All,

I recently got hold of an M1 MacBook Air. Thoughtt it might be worth sharing how I goT Emacs and emacspeak working.

mplayer is not available through homebrew as an apple silicon bottle as of yet. It also does not compile from source. So here are the steps to get up and running.
1. Goto utilities and make a copy of the terminal.app. I called it oldTerminal. 
2. Goto get info on your new app, then toggle the run in Rosetta mode option.
3. Open your rosetta terminal and now install homebrew as normal
4. grab railwaycats emacs port and mplayer
brew tap railwaycat/emacsmacport
brew install --cask emacs-mac
brew install mplayer
5. Install the latest version of emacspeak in the normal way.
6. I found a few issues withTTS and needed the following lines in my .emacs.el
(setq tts-default-voice 'alex)
(setq mac-ignore-accessibility t)
7. I had a further issue with the voices install on my mac. I had to remove all voices except Alex and female siri in order for the TTS to work correctly under emacs.

Big thanks to TIm and Devon as i adapted posts from earlier threads to get it all working.


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