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[Emacspeak] Re: Getting Started


At first i found emacspeak difficult to configure. I didn't understand that emacspeak needed to have its speech servers inside the program configured and that usually there was a file in the home folder that needed to be there to give configuration information to emacs so emacspeak can perform its amazing works almost like a magician.

I wish I had a Linux Distribution like SLINT which is a Slackware distribution that has many screen readers and applications for the visually handicapped and also many languages.

If I had SLINT I would have been able to start using emacspeak much earlier. I highly recommend you download and install SLINT.  In the documentation you will find out how to "switch on" emacspeak and after switching it on, it's configured ready to use!  That's important especially for beginners, because it's all ready, you just have to use the "switch on" command as described in the SLINT docs.

Since I learned how to compile emacspeak and then configure the speech servers inside emacspeak, it's easy for me now to install emacspeak on other distributions like my favorite Debian. But it was a long learning process for me because I didn't know much.

Best wishes,


On Mon, Nov 29, 2021, 21:06 Richard Wells via Emacspeak <emacspeak@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello: My name is Richard wells. I have been hearing about this
environment for many years but have never investigated it for myself.
For someone like me who has no idea at all where to go to get started,
how would you suggest I begin learning? My experience with computers has
been diverse with some Linux, but mostly Microsoft Windows and Apple
Macintosh. Please be gentle with a user with absolutely no idea of what
emacspeak is and how to get productive using it.
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