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[Emacspeak] Re: Text on overlays not announced

Tim Cross <blind-bat(a)hotmail.com> writes:

For the proverbial  pop-up helper, see

> I don't do python - one of the very few languages I find extremely
> frustrating to code in :-(
> Do you know what elpy is using for these 'overlays'. It sounds like it
> might be company. If so, yes, there is a possible solution.
> If they are generated with company, you can re-configure company to not
> use overlays, but instead use a different front end which essentially
> uses the minibuffer.
> Confirm if elpy is using company for this functionality. If so, have a
> looke at emacspeak-company.el (may also be worthwhile looking in the tvr
> directory for Raman's company configuration as a guide).
> Some modes, possibly like elpy, will allow you to configure what type of
> mechanism to use for completions, documentation snippets etc. So another
> approach may be to change the elpy configuration to use a mechanism
> which is more emacspeak 'friendly'.
> One of the challenges with more recent 'design' or UI choices in Emacs
> is that it is focusing more and more on UI styles which are heavily
> weighted towards a visual interface - tooltips, documentation popups
> etc. Often, these choices are not optimal for a VI/Blind user and
> difficult to work with from an accessibility perspective. However, Emacs
> being Emacs, you can often change which framework is being used for one
> that is easier to work with. This does mean that in addition to
> investigating whether you can get emacspeak to work with the 'default'
> configuration, you also need to look at whether you can modify that
> configuration to use an alternative framework which is better supported.
> I also think there are some differences in how we need to work with
> code. For a sighted person, little popups which give quick tips on
> function argument types or short documentation strings can be very
> useful. However, for a TTS user, this type of information can be
> annoying or frustrating because it generates too much speech. For this
> reason, I frequently configure things like eldoc to have a much larger
> delay before speaking function documentation.
> Of course, I'm an old programmer who is probably still stuck in the 80s!
> I really don't like these interfaces which are popping up helpful tips
> every few key strokes. I prefer an older style where the editor waits
> for me to ask it to complete something or give me documentation. I hate
> my editor chatting away at me while I'm sitting there thinking about how
> I want to name a variable, code a conditional or select a function etc.
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> From: Simon Wheatcroft <moochoo(a)gmail.com>
> Sent: Thursday, 1 April 2021 8:22 PM
> To: emacspeak(a)emacspeak.org
> Subject: [Emacspeak] Text on overlays not announced
> Hi,
> I am having an issue with text not being announced.
> I am using elpy and for code suggestions an overlay loads on top. I
> can navigate and select items within the overlay but nothing is
> announced. It makes code suggestions hard to use as i have no idea
> what is in the pop up overlays.
> Does anyone have a solution?
> Many thanks
> Simon
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